Our Services  Services

We are capable of going over 600 feet, Coring, Shelbetubs, Sherveins, Mud Rotory, Jetting, Agugers, Inclinometers Standerd and vibration.

Our Services

Geotechnical Investigation Services

Soil boing sampling
Diamond Rock coring
Hollow stem Auger Drilling
Mud Rotary Drilling
Filed Vane Shear testing

Geotechnical & Environmental Services

Subsurface Investigations
Test Borings
Rock coring
CPT Soundings
Test Pits
Laboratory Testing
Infiltration & Percolation testing
Asphalt & Concrete Coring

Drilling Equipments

Acker Soil Scout

Acker Soil Max

Mobile B-57

LC-25 Diedrich

Truck Mounted CME 75

TryPod one cylinder

Our Licenses

We have licenses in:
New jersey

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